I am Mr Hood, a specialist tipster in Novelty betting markets.

After years of numerous winning bets, I have decided to share my selections with the public. This is a FREE to register web site and Real Time advice for Premium Clients. My background of professional gambling and being a bookmaker has given me solid grounding to offer the perfect betting advisory service.

I spent most of my school years betting. I ran a ‘book’ at my school and also ran a Tipster Service, I had information from racing yards in Lambourn, Epsom and Newmarket and I used this to sell tips to friends, taking the larger odds and giving them the shortened SP! At 21, after a year working for an on course bookmaker, I joined one of London’s prestigious Sports Bookmakers. The last 20 years has been spent as a Professional gambler, living off my knowledge.

My Passions are ; beating the bookies, Rugby Union, Cricket, Golf and predicting winners in the Novelty Betting markets.

I channelled my energies into Novelty Betting, because I felt I knew more than the bookies’ odds compilers. It started with East 17 and Xmas Number 1 in 1995 and success has grown with the rise in popularity of the Celebrity TV Programmes. See my success rate in some of the Novelty Betting Markets.

Mr Hood is a pseudonym, for obvious reasons I wish not to reveal my real name as so not to hinder chances of ‘getting my bets on’ with online bookmakers. When pondering what name I should go under, my second attempt came to me; ‘Robin Hood’ robbed from the rich to give to the poor… Mr Hood was created.