Over the years I have found my success rate to be higher betting on insider information and placing bets on personal strong feelings about an event and/or individual. I decided on the Novelty Betting Markets as I felt I had a better understanding of the markets over some of the bookies odds compilers.

I have on numerous occasions declined from betting on some events due to; unpredictability of the outcomes, poor celebrity participants and odds being too short on some selections.

With some of my winning selections I have at times opted to hedge some of my initial stake with Betting Exchange sites like Betfair. On occasions when I have a fixed price bet on an individual I will also ‘Lay’ some of the market on Betting Exchange sites. A prime example was when Diversity won BGT in 2009 I also ‘layed’ Susan Boyle (purely in the betting sense!!!) on the Betting Exchange sites.



Below are some events where I have had a strong success rate. Please click on the events to reveal my winning selections.

Sports Personality of the Year

X Factor

I’m a Celebrity

Britain’s Got Talent

Big Brother

Xmas Number 1

Strictly Come Dancing

The Jump

Politics Betting

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